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Birthdate:Jun 3
Location:Idaho, United States of America
I love to RP, though most of my ideas are incredibly hard to find partners for. If you're open minded message me and hopefully we can work something out!

Interests (147):

101 dalmations, all dogs go to heaven, alpha and omega, alvin and the chipmunks, american dragon jake long, american tale, anastasia, animaniacs, antz, arthur, avatar(the last airbender), bambi, banjo kazooie, barnyard, black cauldron, bloody roar, bolt, bug's life, cars, case 39, castlevania, cats and dogs, cats don't dance, cave story, charlie and the chocolate factory, charlotte's web. how to train your dragon series, cloudy series, crash bandicoot, crossroads series, danny phantom, dead or alive, digimon, donkey kong, dragon tales, dragonball(and/or dbz), dragonriders of pern series, dragons: fire and ice, ducktales, dust: an elysian tale, elebits, ella enchanted, elsword, enchanted, eragon series, eternal sonata, everworld series, fairly oddparents, ferngully, final fantasy, finding nemo, firestarter, foster's home. tower of druaga, fox and the hound, frozen, full metal alchemist, garfield, god of war, godhand, gremlins, guardians of ga'hoole series, halo, happy tree friends, harry potter series, hatoful boyfriend, hearthstone, homeward bound, hoodwinked, hop, hotel transylvania, hunchback of notre dame, ice age, jungle book, kid chameleon, killer instinct, kim possible, kingdom hearts, kirby, klonoa, krypto the superdog, kung fu panda, lady and the tramp, land before time, lilo and stitch, lion king series, littlest pet shop, madagascar, mario, metroid, mlp, mortal kombat, mulan, narnia series, nightcaster, nights series, ninja gaiden, nut job, okami, oliver and company, oz the great and powerful, panzer dragoon, percy jackson series, phoenix wright, pikmin, pinnochio, pocahontas, pokemon, powerpuff girls, primal rage, redwall series, regular show, reign of fire, rikki tikki tavi, ringo, rio, ristar, secret of nimh, shark tale, shrek, sleeping beauty/maleficent, sly cooper, smite, sonic, spirited away, spyro, star fox, starcraft, stewart little, streets of rage, swan princess, teen titans, tekken, the lego movie, the water horse, tiny toons, tmnt, ultimate muscle, underdog, underworld series, up, viva pinata, walking with dinosaurs, warriors series, world of warcraft, wreck it ralph, yuyuhakusho, zatch bell, zelda
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